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Business Description:

Monstera Australia is a specialist nursery focusing on the rare species within the Monstera Genus. We mainly sell rare tissue Culture as they are more affordable for the public. These tissue culture plants come with a booklet, instructional guide and a video of how to take care of them. We also have an export plant service that we offer worldwide.

https://www.instagram.com/monstera_australia/?hl=en (Instagram link)

What you will get from the acquisition
- [ ] The website www.monstera.com.au
- [ ] An email inbox - info@monstera.com.au
- [ ] Social media pages both Facebook and Instagram
- [ ] Tissue culture supplier/ wholesale nursery registration and list of suppliers
- [ ] Training on the back-end system
- [ ] Training on how we generate revenue
- [ ] Operational training and suppliers of packaging material
- [ ] Training in the plant export/import process as well as contacts in the field
- [ ] Optional: Complete setup for a market stall, however you would need to pay for shipping. This includes 4 tables, two banner one horizontal and other vertical, Marquee, table cloth and plants stands
- [ ] Variegated established plant supplier contact. Thai constellation, Albo Monstera and Albo Adansonii
- [ ] Subscription list of customers
- [ ] Wholesale tissue culture supplier overseas if you don’t want to source locally and process of creating an import permit explained
- [ ] How to pack plants for overseas travel tutorial and all document that assist in the process
- [ ] Marketing placement creatives and the process of how to market via socials. Booklet and thank you cards printable pdf documents
- [ ] Post Sale ongoing support for 1 months

We have a wholesale section on the website where a business can purchase our Thai Constellations at a wholesale price. It’s mostly B2C though, but we do work with businesses overseas who are resellers. I E, they sell to their customers after marking a margin. Other then that we haven’t explored other avenues of B2B. We wanted to be more of a Boutique business rather then a nursery.

In summary, I have created this business from scratch and have built a client base with online Net sales in the last 12 month being over 100k - The revenue from exporting plants has been a lot higher. The revenue for exports is made via making margins from plants overseas customers want to buy and also making a margin in export fees. All paperwork will be provided regarding the export process. We also have a number of handouts that we give to customer who are interested to export plants.

Business Features:

  • Business Category: Agriculture
  • Sale Price: 250000 - 350000
  • Profit: 100,000 - 200,000
  • Business Plan exists?: Yes
  • Marketing Plan/Research?: Yes
  • Property Included?: No
  • Sale Type: Buy Out
  • Years Operating: 3
  • Business Type: Nursery
  • Turn Over: 100,000 - 400,000
  • Business Development (in place): No
  • Budget in place: No
  • Financing Available: No
  • Trial Period: No
  • Sale Includes: Market stall equipment

Business Location:

  • Address: 32 Bungarim Wynd, Bungarim Wynd,, SYDENHAM, Victoria.
  • Other Existing Trading Locations: Victoria / Melbourne

Business Video:

Seller Information

Name: Karim Ahmed

Email: info@monstera.com.au

Phone: 0406051215

Listing ID: 13215

Views: 183

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