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Fully Mobile Shearing SHEEP/ALPACAS/GOATS 20y trading OVER 2500 clients very reliable high income even with Covet-19

Agricultural, Rural, Forestry and Fishing, Agriculture, Animal and Pet Care, Business Opportunities for sale, Businesses for sale, Lawn Maintenance, Mobile Business, Other, Passive Income, Trade services, Work from Home

Business Description:

Shearpower2ewe Fully Mobile Shearing & Livestock Care

Shearpower2ewe is ranked #  1 by Google and many other search engines for over 15 years plus by our many very loyal clients for over 20 years.

SHORT & BRIEF SHEARING HISTORY with past/current shearing industry insight S M AULD.  Today Any Good Professional Shearer can earn a very high incredible income this also put enormous presser on there bodies,  I can earn over 10 x more than a Highly skill Professional Shearer for the last 20 years income per year still today without the enormous presser on my body and running gear.  I have truly work smarter, much less. over last 20 years shearing. Im currently 59 years of age and still going strong, where as if I was working as a Pro Shearer I would had to fully retire get well out of the shearing industry at a age of 39 years old due to the enormous presser on my body, as working a Pro Shearer in NSW VIC & SA in 2003 was just extremely very hard on any person body and wages where still stagnant, along with very poor  living & working conditions where mostly unsustainable in many sheds and within the shearing industry and are still as of today 8/2/2022, the industry & Gov has greatly greatly lucked a true attempt to bring new blood into the industry and keep Learner & Professional Shearing within the industry for over 20 years and plus, now in 2021  a shearier are getting paid well over $5 per head per sheep, this is well above the Au Award Rate as the sheep farming and wool industry has seen a great declined each and every year over 40 plus and suffers keeping employed workers.  2020 with Covet-19 has now put even a greater very storage in skilled & qualified worker and you can guarantee even high wages as of today and this want last long. The shearing industry has suffered full neglect for well over 60 years.


(please fully read below)

Sale of business as WIWO or Joint % Partnership Or Employee Traineeship or % in Income.


WE ARE OPEN TO OFFERS in the complete sale of our mobile shearing business OR OFFERS upward of $125.000k. Selling complete runs and including (plants & equipment assets valued over $120.000k) offers over $120k or will sell all or any zones or combined North/South/West and in Sydney Zones, SA & VIC.

Please view our main website for greater insight into our Mobile shearing business that is up for sale.


We are also willing to set up agreed Subcontract 35/65 in Shared income under a one-year agreement or WIWO full Agreement within Zones or full Contract for the full takeover of business including all assets POA or a buy-in 35/65% joint partnership in net income starting from new season Aust 2022 to April 2023 buy-in cost 35k - 80k deposit, which will be 50% full refundable back to the joint partner after 3 years (under T & C of joint partnership contract) + (all the above % are fully POA and will be fully Negotiable within T & C within a fully legal Agreement Written Contact)

Our main office based is in Sydney and have been operating in the mobile Shearing business since 2003. We have a very extensive list of clientele over 2500 with full 20 years in trading. All New and existing clientele are fully integrated and automatically updated  into our custom made Contact Measurement Systems, this is a very powerful robust system within military grade laptops, MS OFFICE & ANDROID phone system incorporating very high security no-cloudbase, all backup & sync to phone systems/ PC & MS Outlook/ MS Access / MS Word / MS Excel /Rostering / Navigation / website/ auto tax Invoice systems/and much more.

With over 20 years in trading as a mobile shearer, we have a very well established a very powerful name with our clients and within the shearing industry I'm so proud of the great rapport we have each and every year we have with our clients. We are strongly ranked number 1 in many search engines and have Incorporated many other marketing outlets. We have over 2500 clientele fully on our military records system. All new and existing clients are fully and easily integrated and automatically sync updated on our custom and highly secure Data Base system which is fully independent and integrated to sync with our mobile phone systems, this is a very powerful business and with a DataBase system is fully set up in every part of the business that can manage the intake of clientele, all marketing, personal communications, quoting, invoicing, navigation, rostering, scheduling and so much more, it is very powerful and one of kind business development/management system. Very easy to use and run full business. (June 2021 I injected $40,000 into further development technology within our automotive computer systems) this further simplifies all admin matters and is fully ready to run.

You can earn an extremely high income per season 9 months of work and enjoy a very great lifestyle and much more while running this very well set up mobile shearing business.

I have a very overwhelming list of Assist that can be fully included in any final sale. (All business Assist will only be sold or included in a final or full sale, please do not even bother to ask to buy any single items/assets.

The sale of this Business is truly ideally suited to someone who has good knowledge or has worked in the livestock, wool or shearing industry. The business is easily run with one person or as a couple or as a full set-up team. Also is a very great opportunity for any Investor or a person who wishes to be a boss and earn a great income while working in the great outdoor. This Business has a high paid seasonal income.

This is a genuine sale as I wish to retire or find a good reliable worker or joint partnership for this coming 2022 season and we are fully negotiable in selling the business fully set up or offering a part sale of existing clients and incorporating/including all new and ongoing new clients within any sold North/South/West and Sydney Shearing Zones.  (I wish to fully see my business grown and helping my clients move forward for many years to come.  

This Business is set up and could very easily be run fully off-shore with the right terms & employees.

Open to all serious offers 120k and above.

Willing to help any genuine buyer in a full takeover of business and also willing to offer ongoing years of help if required. Will consider full WIWO as a sale with ongoing rights 10% or fully Subcontracting out under a Partnership pre-contract with the right applicant.

CONFIDENTIALITY UNDERTAKING will need to be agreed to and signed before any ongoing business records and details are disclosed.

Genuine enquiries only all serious buyers/investors are welcome, It's time to make a smart decision today and for the future work smart, not hard.  Call or email. Stephen 0428491963 or email shearpower2001-inquiries@yahoo.com.au

**** YOUR NAME, EMAIL, and MOBILE are required for a response ***

This Sales price is POA

All General inquiries are welcome.

Thanks for reading.


Best Regards,

Stephen Auld



Shearpower2ewe Fully Mobile Shearing & Livestock Care Services

All Sydney Areas & Outer NSW Rural Areas

Business P. 0428491963

Business E. shearpower2ewe@yahoo.com.au

Business W, https://shearpower2ewe.com


PS.  Employment Opportunities: 

We are seeking qualified livestock worker/shearer/shed-hands and offering full traineeship in an attempt to find and train good workers to fully work within one of our mobile Shearing teams full time, worker wishing a traineeship can inquire NOW ASAP and our full-time works starts in August 2022 and runs yearly into 2023-2024 with up to 3 to 4 April  months paid leave over each winter.

If you're an employee seeking work and interested in this line of work and have a good strong work ethic 100% drug free, we are willing to put our time & hours and the money into training you.

More information can be obtained from our main website and the many marketing ads we have placed seeking employees.  heres a link to my facebook page  Cheers Steve The Shearer

PSS.   The above was quickly written and continues to be Re-drafted last updated 11/2/2022  by S M Auld the writer give notice that he is (part dyslexic) and thus is owner of full written contents  herein.   Written Consent will only be given herein by contacting the stated writer herein to link, Copy, Edit or Change any of the above contents stated within and above.

Business Features:

  • Business Category: Agricultural, Rural, Forestry and Fishing, Agriculture, Animal and Pet Care, Business Opportunities for sale, Businesses for sale, Lawn Maintenance, Mobile Business, Other, Passive Income, Trade services, Work from Home
  • Sale Price: $120000 - $240000
  • Profit: $125000 - $3200000
  • Business Plan exists?: Yes
  • Marketing Plan/Research?: Yes
  • Property Included?: No
  • Sale Type: Negotiable
  • Years Operating: 20
  • Business Type: Agriculture, Business Opportunities, Farm
  • Turn Over: $100000 - $345000
  • Business Development (in place): Yes
  • Budget in place: Yes
  • Financing Available: Yes Part
  • Trial Period: Yes
  • Sale Includes: All Business Infrastructure & all business asset valued over $120k incliuded

Business Location:

  • Address: Daley Close, The Oaks, NSW 2570, The Oaks, New South Wales.
  • Other Existing Trading Locations: New South Wales / Sydney, New South Wales / Regional, Victoria / Regional, South Australia / Regional
  • Potential Franchise/Licencee locations you are offering to sell: New South Wales / Sydney, New South Wales / Regional, Victoria / Regional, South Australia / Adelaide, South Australia / Regional

Seller Information

Name: Stephen Auld

Email: shearpower2ewe@yahoo.com.au

Phone: 0428 491 963

Listing ID: 10031

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