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Recharge Battery Additive


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Full Business GOING CHEAP Full - product ownership - distribution - trademark - formula - show equipment - the lot GOING CHEAP - Perfect wee side-line for a GREY NOMAD with a few selling skills - Australia wide or even export if you so desire. Manufacturing and Marketing, full product ownership.

And a great way to see the country We have been going for 22 years, 17 in Australia; We are based in NZ and up until COVID my wife did the Aussie Field Days circuit all over Australia with our caravan (which is an awesome lifestyle) and we turned over $150k to $200K a year until grand-kids started arriving then COVID and our focus changed a bit.
Prior to that stint I did about 10 years going back and forth myself doing shows and staying in motels then Debbie joined me and we did next 6 years with the caravan then COVID hit, grandkids arrived and we are now ready for the next phase.

But man We had a ball :-)

Also every other Grey Nomad with Lead acid batteries that you meet on the road needs Recharge in their batteries, we push prevention and batteries last about half what they should sometime less because of sulphation. (See below for full product info)

Please have a look at our Website, there is a tonne of testimonial and a lot of info on how it works and what to do so Please visit www.recharge.net.nz (Also see below for full product description)

We are finally in Dubbo for most of June to load up and do a couple of final shows, catch up with our Aussie mates, then pack up and close down Australia so there is an opportunity for someone to come and take over the whole shooting match, we have about $35k of product at cost sitting in our shed in Dubbo plus promo stuff so that is about the starting bid.

The margin is very good By The Way so it isn't hard to make some $$$. There is also a Sign written Ranger and a 7 meter Caravan if anyone is interest in that otherwise we are going to bring take all home as we still sell Recharge back in NZ, with retail plus Field Days. (Also for sale if anyone wants it)

There is also a house in Dubbo, currently rented with a shed out back that we work out of that we will be putting on the market if you want sell up in the city and have a country change. The Dubbo house is worth about $500K so if you have a house in the city to sell and buy this you will probably have change $$$ money in the bank.

Oh and the Dubbo house is in the centre of town so great location Walking distance to the Main Street, shops pubs the clubs etc.
There must be someone out there who is interested so yes offers please. Flick me your details and we can talk
Regards Gerard & Debbie :-)

The RECHARGE Product, what it does and how it works
Get Maximise Battery Performance plus GET TEN YEARS or often more out of your Lead and Calcium Acid Batteries Also recondition about 60% to 70% of failing batteries with RECHARGE Battery Additive/ Conditioner

Recharge is a Battery Additive/Conditioner; Primarily for conditioning lead and calcuim acid batteries thus preventing damage caused by harmful sulphation build-up. All batteries sulphate and most die from it.

While 60% - 70% of failing batteries will also return to full working condition with a treatment, PREVENTION is the best use scenario so TREAT BATTERIES EARLY and stop the damage caused by harmful sulphation build-up, and keep them charged to MAXIMISE BATTERY PERFORMANCE, they go “Stronger for Longer.”

Good quality batteries will last ten years or often more with the RECHARGE Battery Conditioning Program. Most batteries die prematurely due to sulphation of internal lead plates. Sulphation reduces battery charge holding capacity by removing the sulphur ions, (which hold the charge), from the solution and binding them to the lead plates in the form of lead sulphate, which is corrosive and damages the internal lead plates. A RECHARGE treatment will return those sulphur ions to the solution once again as sulphuric acid holding electrons giving 'Maximum Charge Holding Capacity.'

Sulphation build-up, if left unchecked, will gradually corrodes the lead plates till they collapse, causing permanent battery failure. So treating batteries early with RECHARGE keeps batteries at full capacity and prevents lead plate corrosion so they go “Stronger for Longer.”

The earlier you treat batteries the less damage is done and the longer they go. The real kicker is; EVERY BATTERY YOU BUY HAS ALREADY STARTED TO SULPHATE. As soon as they make batteries and charge them they start to sulphate and deteriorate and it may be 6 months or a year or often more before those batteries get through the supply chain to the end user, the whole time they are suphating and damaging the lead plates.

What causes sulphation is that the battery hasn’t been kept fully charged, which very few batteries have, especially if they sit unused for periods of time. When the battery begins to discharge the sulphate ions that should be holding the electrons, or charge, in the electrolyte float free and attach themselves to the lead plates in the form of lead sulphate. This reduces the batteries holding capacity, which is why on cold mornings they start sounding sluggish or don't start; they have lost or reduced their charge holding capacity.

A RECHARGE treatment will dissolve those sulphate ions back into the electrolyte to hold the charge once again; the battery is at FULL CAPACITY. Sulphation also corrodes the lead plates, which is why when reconditioning some batteries don’t return to service, they have gone too far and the lead has collapsed. (It's Too Late Mate)

The Recharge Conditioning Program is Simple: Turn on the lights or partially drain some power from the battery in some way, treat with the recommended amount of Recharge (10ml/Litre of electrolyte) and charge the battery on a slow charger. This will dissolve any sulphation build-up that has occurred in the early part of the battery’s life returning it as sulphuric acid holding electrons, essentially re-aciding the batteries and helping to reduce any further build-up. Treatment should be repeated every 2 years, especially if they sit used for periods of time; intermittent charging of the battery a couple of times a year is also recommended to ensure the batteries stays in top condition.

RECHARGE comes in 3 sizes; THE 100ml bottle which treats 1 large truck, or 2 x N-70 light commercial 4x4 batteries, or 3-4 car batteries; THE 500ml bottle - or light commercial pack treats about 20 car or 10 x N-70 4x4 batteries or 5.5 x N150 truck batteries and retails around $110 or about $5.50 per car battery. THE 2-Litre commercial pack is also available and is by far the most cost effective. The 2-Litre is what we are sell on line and treats about 70 to 80 car or 42 x N-70 4x4 batteries or 22 x N-150 truck batteries.

Recharge is great for electric fork hoists, golf carts, scissor hoists, independent power supplies or any other large traction battery application. When treating large battery banks follow the calculations below and agitate in really well. Big banks take a few weeks of full cycling (use; charging up and dragging down) to get the full effect.

Battery Volume Calculation: For large deep cycle or odd shaped batteries, dose at 10ml per litre of electrolyte. Electrolyte is generally about 60% of total battery volume. To calculate the volume simply measure and multiply, height x width x depth of the battery in millimetres, this gives millionths of litres.

eg Say a battery measures - 200mm x 200mm x 250mm = 10,000,000 millionths of a litre or 10-Litres
=10-Litres total battery volume; 10-Litres total volume x 60% the liquid component = 6-Litres of electrolyte, so treat @ 10ml per litre = 60ml for that battery divided amongst the cells.
Eg a battery cell is 2-volts so a 12 volt battery has 6 x 2 volt cells, so treat that battery at 10ml/cell or a six-volt battery has 3 cells, treat at 20ml/cell and a 2-volt battery will get the full 60ml

Disclaimer: Recharge is acid based and as such is corrosive. The makers take no responsibility for damage caused by misuse or abuse of this product (so mix thoroughly) and please read and follow the instructions carefully.

Business Features:

  • Business Category: Automotive
  • Sale Price: 35000 - 150000
  • Profit: 0 - 100,000
  • Business Plan exists?: No
  • Marketing Plan/Research?: Draft
  • Property Included?: Yes
  • Sale Type: Buy Out
  • Years Operating: 22
  • Business Type: Marketing business
  • Turn Over: 100,000 - 400,000
  • Business Development (in place): No
  • Budget in place: No
  • Financing Available: Yes Part
  • Trial Period: No
  • Sale Includes: Possible building and vehicles as per business description

Business Location:

  • Address: , Dubbo, New South Wales.

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Seller Information

Name: Gerard anselmi

Email: gerard@recharge.net.nz

Phone: 0427669177

Listing ID: 11131

Views: 117

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