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Always Sunday


Business Description:

Nearly $40k in sales in the last 18 months with a healthy 77% profit margin
Minimal work hours needed, with ample opportunity for growth
2yr old established brand earning $1,450 per month, is priced at a 1.8 x multiple.
Over 260 orders over the last 2 years with ZERO returns or negative feedback
Always Sunday is looking for the right buyer! This business would excel in the hand of someone with strong marketing skills including but not limited to:

1. Social Media (Tik Tok reels fit great with this demographic of females 25-45)

2. SEO - $0 spent thus far

3. Facebook / Google Ads

About the Business:
Always Sunday sells high quality artist designed rugs and operates in the business of lifestyle & home goods. Always Sunday is designed to serve those who wish to make every day a Sunday, to the people who want to add some fun and colour into their life. It's a fun and simple business model that would suit a buyer with interest in the social media marketing space who can take this business further.

A bit about the owner and why the business was started...
I'm a 25-year-old male from Queensland. I work a full-time job as a carpenter and currently run Always Sunday as a side business. This business was started as an 'alternative to working a full-time 9-5 job', to "make every day a Sunday". After a lot of research, hesitation and a leap of faith, I worked on it for close to 10 months, communicating with suppliers about their products, sourcing for a reliable logistics provider and working on getting to know Shopify. As proud as I am with how far along the business has come, I realised that with the potential this business has, it's far better off in someone's hands who has the time, passion and dedication, to give this business everything it needs to flourish.

When was the business started?
Always Sunday was started in February of 2021 and has shown progression ever since. This brand was started by myself, and still primarily ran by me, with one other family member now helping with Instagram messages.

Always Sunday's stock is purchased from one supplier in China, who provides us with discounted freight. Supplier details will be provided with sale.

Currently we have received 3 bulk orders from our supplier. These orders are shipped to my home office where I dispatch globally.

Weekly operations consist of;

- 15 mins responding to Instagram message & comments 5 days a week (generally every second day)

- 15mins posting new content, posts, reels & stories (generally every second day)

- 30min responding to email & customer enquires (generally once a week)

- 1hr fulfilling orders (twice a week)

On average I would spend around 3-4 hours a week on the business, with no other employees. I understand this is very minimal and a lot more time and energy could be put towards growing and scaling this business. This is why I would really like to find someone to take this brand to the next level.

The majority of the marketing is through influencer marketing on a "product for content" exchange basis, making for a cost-effective marketing system.

Always Sunday holds annual art competitions, where artists from all over the world submit their artwork for a chance to feature their design on our next collection of rugs. This makes for very cost-effective exposure, as well as provides Always Sunday with product designs year in and year out.

Remaining stock is not included in sale and will be negotiated upon sale.

Current Stock Units: 360

Stock Value: $3.4k

Retail Value: $80k

Why is the owner selling the business?
I am selling the business as I have begun a new journey travelling and working around Australia. I have been spent the last 6 months preparing for the trip which has resulted in very minimal time spent on Always Sunday. I have now been living on the road for 3 weeks, this time has shown me that with the very limited signal and service I have on the road makes it far too difficult to keep running this brand abroad. Due to this, I don't have the time to give Always Sunday what it deserves. I would like to see this business flourish in the hands of someone who is passionate about the brand's mission, someone who resonates with the brand design and lives the Always Sunday lifestyle. This business, showing high potential, is ready for the right owner to give it everything it needs.

What traction does the business have?
Always Sunday has had 12,000 sessions over the last 12 months with an average conversion rate of 0.94%, with majority of these visitors coming from Instagram.

Challenges & Difficulties:
The only real challenges the brand faced was while I was working away for a few months during the middle of last year, where the access to signal and services was very limited, leading to shortage of stock and minimal social media presence which resulted in lower store sessions and conversions.

Always Sunnday has only touched the bare minimum of sales and marketing channels. With so much room for growth on channels such as Tik Tok, Facebook & Snapchat.

With currently only one hero product, this brand can swing in any direction when it comes to expanding the product range. With extremely talented artist designs at your fingertips, the sky is the limit for Always Sunday.

Opportunities to scale Always Sunday:

- Introducing Always Sunday to channels like Tik Tok & Snapchat

- Running ads on social media channels

- Running Google analytic, PPC & other Google Marketing platforms

- Creating more SKUs

Business Features:

  • Business Category: E-Commerce
  • Sale Price: 45000 - 50000
  • Profit: 0 - 100,000
  • Business Plan exists?: No
  • Marketing Plan/Research?: No
  • Property Included?: No
  • Sale Type: Buy Out
  • Years Operating: 2
  • Business Type: Household goods
  • Turn Over: 0 - 100,000
  • Budget in place: No
  • Financing Available: No
  • Trial Period: No
  • Sale Includes: Socials, website, manufacturing contacts

Business Location:

  • Address: William St, Alexandra Headland, Queensland.

Seller Information

Name: Andre Nuccio

Email: andrenuccio@outlook.com

Phone: +61400710335

Listing ID: 14712

Views: 165

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