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Tutoring Agency Entire Business-Setup FOR SALE
Tutoring Agency Entire Business-Setup FOR SALE 150 150 Christian

Tutoring Agency Business-setup

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Designed to be used to launch new business, with everything needed and ready-to-launch.

Business Model: Hire tutors to join team as contractors, advertise service to gain students and setup the lessons and make commission on a weekly basis.

Can be operated from anywhere, no need for physical location, with all processes being online. Suitable for private in home, group or online Tutoring, for any year or subject

Potential Profit (no current revenue)

Student rate $65/hour

Tutor rate $40/hour

Lesson length 1.5 hours

Profit = $37.5/lesson/week = $150/month

20 students = 20 x $150 = $3,000 gross profit per month (over $35,000/year)

Setup Package includes:

– Professionally designed website (over 80 pages)

– Back-end CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) setup – emailing and calling clients & tracking all communication from clients

– Local Landline Cloud Phone office number – can be used from anywhere

– Email setup and web hosting

– All Legal contracts needed – Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

– Marketing Plan on how to acquire customers and grow student base

– Online classroom software setup and options

– Payment processor setup to collect payments automatically via credit/debit cards

– Scheduling software & Learning Management System (LMS) – allows scheduling lessons between students and tutors

– SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) – outlining how to use all systems, along with helpdesk articles

– How to recruit and train admin staff to run whole system, saving you time and automating the business

– Full training, onboarding and support to new owner

The whole setup is for sale for $8,000 (not much more than the website design alone, or the legal documents alone).

This can be run by anyone from home, office, as a side operation or for a company that requires a professional scalable setup to grow their customer base and have an efficient operation

Happy to showcase demo and explain software and business model over a call.

Please feel free to call or email me to discuss.

All the best!