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Herbal Punch (Pvt) Ltd
Herbal Punch (Pvt) Ltd 150 150 Thilini

Hi there,

We are looking for a dealer or a seller for our Herbal Tea brand.

Seller Option-
You can introduce our tea range for any buyers & get 10% commission & we can provide them 30 days credit period to pay us.

Dealer Option-
You need to purchase the products upfront & we can arrange shipping. Prices will be half of the market price & you can earn up to 50% depending on how you sell (online, through shops, introducing to other buyers etc). We do the online marketing campaign free of charge for you.

These products are developed by a well known very senior Ayurvedic doctor and we can assure that they are the best Ayurvedic medicinal Herbal teas available in Sri Lanka.

Minimum Quantity- 1000 due to the cost of printing & packaging.

1000- 25000- $7.50
25000- 50000- $7.25
50000-100000- $7.00
100,000 & up – $6.75

Tea Gift Box Prices-
1000- 25000- $15
25000- 50000- $14.75
50000-100000- $14.50
100,000 & up – $14.25

Air Fright- 37 days
Sea Fright- 60 days
75% upfront payment & the balance payment when shipping.

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We can issue free samples to you.
Earnings will be unlimited.
Please message if you are interested & with which option & with the anticipated sales figures per month. We are happy to share our product catalogues & discuss further.
Please email to info@herbalpunch.com.au

Best Regards,