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Scandi Projector – Ecommerce home-based business ready to go!
Scandi Projector – Ecommerce home-based business ready to go! 150 150 Rui

Great home gadget for any time, especially now during lockdowns. From parents who don’t know how to entertain their kids while they are working from home to anyone else that needs a little reminder of how the cinemas used to be. This scroll-stopper product offers huge potential for someone with time to invest in it. The Scandi Projector features great image quality, very attractive design, and portable size. Check out some huge brands already making millions in profits from similar products.

Many hours have been spent setting up this website and it is “online & operating” (ready to be grown).

This is a dropshipping model business, so there is no inventory/stock and no handling involved on your side. Supplier relationship established with profitable margins of up to AUD$60 – after paying for shipping and everything.


Learn more about dropshipping and the step-by-step model that I followed on the link below:


Online businesses are growing more than they ever had. This has been a trend for years, and especially now during lockdowns, people are sitting at home and changing their ways to shop more and more in an unprecedented way. Dropshipping is a great way to start your eCommerce business, it has thousands of successful examples all over the Internet and plenty of information about it available. It’s not difficult to find with a simple Google search plenty of business making over $100K in their first month.

However, if you don’t know how to start, it could be overwhelming at the beginning. Especially if you don’t have all the skillsets to build it up from scratch. This opportunity is a shortcut to success, it’s all set up for you to just plug and play.


Dropshipping has changed the way I look at business. I’ve been investing so much time into it for the past few months that now I have to pass on some of these opportunities. This is the only way for me to be able to focus on my favorite niches. Between life, kids, and other business ideas I have to give some away, so I got time for others.


Find influencers on Instagram, Pinterest, and retarget them with Facebook ads. I will give you the advertising assets and a video link to the step by step process that I follow.

This business was founded: 21 August 2020.

Time to run this business: approximately 20 hours per week

Costs to run this business: the cost is minimum. It’s up to your ambition. The more you spend with the right ad set, the bigger your profit will be.

Fixed cost: USD$29 Shopify monthly fee.


Logo and branding assets are already in on the web. A set of ads designed for multiple channels will be handed over as part of this package.


I will be available for 1-hour hand-over video call. I will transfer all accounts to your name (Domain, Shopify, Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube).

I will be also available for help outside the above described with an hourly fee of AUD$150.


www.scandiprojector.com (this short and sharp domain drives traffic for itself)


All product photos are already on the web


Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels already set-up


I will introduce you to a supplier in China (relationship already established).


Not Included.

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