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The farmer’s harvest greengrocer
The farmer’s harvest greengrocer 150 150 Abdul

Middle Eastern and Mediterranean groceries and fruits and vegetables

Supermarket and Butcher Shop
Supermarket and Butcher Shop 150 150 Richard

Supermarket and a butcher shop.
Shop 6 and shop 7
So two shops.
In the heart of Kilburn right next to the only chemist warehouse in Kilburn.
Alot of foot traffic and cars.
The business has lots of regular customers who love what we sell.
There is stock worth $100,000
There is machinery & equipment $100,000 worth.
Container $5,000
The container is also big and full with stock.
There is more than 23 car parks right in front of the shops which is very useful for customers to quickly park and purchase.
There is staff parking at the back of the store.

The butcher section has Big big cool room which can fit more than 50 whole lambs.

This is ideal for someone who would be willing to take this business to the next level (advertising or renovating)
*Very cheap Rent* compared to any other shops on prospect rd.

The owner ready to retire so his willing to sell the business with everything inside the 2 shops for $190,000


Halal Meat and Poultry , All Asian and Mediterranean Groceries ,dry natural Nuts much more from Afghanistan Pakistan Iran Indian and all Arabic Grocery.