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Licensed Distributorship: Available in all States and Territories
Licensed Distributorship: Available in all States and Territories 150 150 Michael


Wide Distribution Licensed Distributorship is a management right business, an exclusive right to manage a local distribution run owned by Wide Distribution. The business license also allows you to sell your right in the future as an established distribution run for a lump sum.

Wide Distribution Run is a home based business, aimed to provide sales and merchandising service to local retail outlets. It is a lifestyle business where you can choose to operate part time or full time, with flexible days and hours. It also allows you to plan a short holiday when you need one.


OPTION 1: Part-time business with guarantee.

Days of Operation: 3 days per week.
Guarantee: $1500 gross income per week for 26 weeks.
Priced at: $49,000
Stock Credit Limit: $49,000 approved
Customer Number: Guaranteed 30 customers provided
Training: Multiple sessions provided where necessary.

OPTION 2: Full-time business with guarantee.

Days of Operation: 5 days per week.
Guarantee: $2500 gross income per week for 26 weeks.
Priced at: $98,000
Stock Credit Limit: $98,000 approved
Customer Number: Guaranteed 60 customers provided
Training: Multiple sessions provided where necessary.

OPTION 3: Building your own business

Setup and Training Cost: $5000
Security Deposit: $25,000 (refundable).
Stock Credit Limit: $25,000 secured.
Guarantee: $5000 gross income from initial sales during the training period.
Customer Number: Guaranteed 15 customers provided.
Training: 3 sessions provided. The first session of 5 days is to find you some new customers, the second session of 5 days is to set up orders in store, and the third session is a 2 hour online training for the management of ongoing sales and merchandising.


1. You need a reliable delivery van.
2. You need to register a company with ABN and GST registration.
3. You need good communication and customer service skills to build business relationship with customers.


Established in 2000, Wide Distribution is an exclusive private brand developer, a proud Australian food manufacturer, direct importer and exporter. We supply a wide range of snack food and other fast moving products to consumers through diverse retailers in Australia and New Zealand. Our retail customers include Foodstuffs supermarkets New Zealand, IGAs, Foodworks, Spar, green grocers, Asian supermarkets, independent retailers, convenience stores, pubs and liquor stores, Bp and other service stations, as well as online retailers such as MightyApe and WideSupply.

We are now expanding our distribution network Australia wide by building new distribution runs locally, and appointing licensed distributors to service those local stores for ongoing sales.


Our products are proven, and our business model is viable. Thanks to

1. We own exclusive and powerful brands, such as foodjoy, BigStar, fruitjoy, sweetjoy, spice up, and playjoy, with many popular products enjoyed by consumers globally for over 20 years.
2. We brand our products so they are unique.
3. We make most of our products in our factory in Brisbane Queensland. We also direct import products in our brands. This makes all our products very competitive.
4. All products are supported in retail stores with effective display stands, hanging strips, and other point of sales promotions.
5. Our unique full service business model is designed to create an easy link with local retail stores, and this enables us to sell our products through them to the consumer.
6. The licensed distributor is our ambassador to the local retail outlets. Their role is so important that we are happy to provide a generous profit margin for them to achieve a reliable and substantial income for their livelihoods.


Contact Michael: 0411051988

Courier contract for sale
Courier contract for sale 150 150 Andrew

Opportunity for someone to become the new owner of exclusive Delivery Contract

X3 Contract available individually

$138 – $200K Average Yearly Income between

Guaranteed MINIMUM Income of $136 K per Year for van contract

2-4 Tonne Vehicle Required

Sydney Metro Areas Only. This is Run work only. Please Note: You do not own the Run area – you are allocated to a Specific Run and the Business can allocate you anywhere else due to their structural changes. So far we have been servicing the same run area 1 x run per day for approximately last 3-4 Years now without any changes!


10 Hour Guaranteed pay x 5 days per week! Worked less hours – still get paid 10 hours of Pay!

Work more hours? You will get paid for the hours you work!

OPTIONAL – Allocate a Driver as an Investment or as at your choice, as long as you work yourself sometimes

OPTIONAL – Weekend work upon Request by either parties but not Mandatory. 25% penalties will apply on hourly rates for weekends and Public Holidays!

OPTIONAL Upon Request – Christmas periods and Busy Periods – Opportunities to provide extra Vehicles and Drivers

OPTIONAL – Due to providing services for the Countries Leading Giants there’s always opportunities to Upgrade to Larger sized Vehicles. Which means More pay that can easily exceed more then $160 K to $200 K per year. And thats is only with having ONE x VEHICLE and ONE x OPERATOR!

OPTIONAL – Incentive drop rates offered as an option! Please Note: This Contract is very exclusive and are only acquired by less then a handful Contractors within Australia wide! This Contract does not require for you to opt in the Incentive drop / parcel rates Contract. Even if you opted to do so, you are still guaranteed the Minimum daily hours paid and also paid the extra $ for the Incentive drop rates and stops. They will pay you whichever is calculated greater than your Minimum Guaranteed hours.

Yearly Pay Rise and Incentive Rates for Set Cost Elements will apply ( This means every Year there is a pay Rise to your guaranteed Hourly Rate )

To sucessfully become the new owner you must have :

Good Police Report

NSW Driving Licence

Good NSW RMS Driving Record

Must be an Australian Citizen / Permanent Resident

Will need to Go on Unpaid Run / Training to experience the run as well as meet Complinace and Induction Processes.

** Upto 2 weeks Training will be provided.**

SELLING PRICE: $225,000K (Without a VEHICLE)

Call Drew


Wholesale National
Wholesale National 150 150 Paul

Work your own hours calling on retailers, we are a successful wholesale company and seek to appoint an exclusive distributor to distribute our products in a set geographical area.

This is NOT M.LM. – it is a gebuine bussiness !

• This is a cash business and no debtors.

• Work your own hours from home.

• Make a huge return on your investment.

• We assist in building your territory as your success is our success.

• Areas are limited.

• $6,000 gst for stock is also required.

Full training provided to ensure your success.

You will be the exclusive contracted distributor in your area.

Please Email – Name, contact number and suburb you live in

Regional AREAS ALSO AVAILABLE FOR $24.950.00