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Our Home Services
Our Home Services 150 150 Loraine

Are you looking for a sustainable handyman business that is very different to others? We are not a franchise so you won’t pay anything like handyman franchises are charging. There are no royalty payments, no renewal fees and, all the money you earn you keep.

Our Home Services is a network of independently owned handyman businesses whose focus is quality property maintenance and service second to none.

Our Home Services services hundreds of properties across the Network.

We have existing clients in place and work will be sent straight to your inbox.

There is a huge demand for handyman services right now with very little competition, delivering amazing client loyalty.

Our Home Services is a business that works. We’ve proved it.

What we can do for you is turn your skills and tools into a successful handyman business. We give you absolutely everything you will ever need to run a handyman business and start earning money from day one! If you are good at repairs around your own home, then you can do what we do at Our Home Services.

Got questions? We’ve got answers. Talk to us we are busy!

Call Loraine on 0413 445 348 or email loraine@ourhomeservices.com.au

Be Seen First Here! $27.50 per Month for Featured Ad
Be Seen First Here! $27.50 per Month for Featured Ad 150 150 Richard
Profitable Dropshipping Business Made 40K USD in 5 Months!!
Profitable Dropshipping Business Made 40K USD in 5 Months!! 150 150 Ghazal

Fully automated

I’m not currently operating the business

Proof of income generated available

Contact me for more information

Some experience/knowledge preferred

Investors Global Technology – Retire in 3-5 years
Investors Global Technology – Retire in 3-5 years 150 150 Arvid

Investors seeking returns that could provide retirement level income of up to 30x outlay (3000%) in just 3-4 years are invited to consider this opportunity.

We are launching our exciting – new technology – online shopping centres globally. This is now a proven, high demand platform that is starting to gain the attention of major corporations across the world. Amazingly for us, the pandemic has provided the perfect storm for a new global alternative to online shopping services.

Forget Amazon who ruthlessly destroy small businesses and leave a massive stain on the planet. We do the exact opposite.. We invite every business to join us and we take zero of their profits. In fact they pay nothing to join us. We are also a major planetary green and social organisation working on a global scale to provide all shopping needs with minimum carbon footprint and maximise local employment and prosperity.. Our Mega Malls provide large scale shopping on a local level, in every country.

Goodbye Amazon your days are numbered. We provide all the real shopping extras that Amazon cannot provide.


The Main Points-

– Enormous global demand.

– Amazing technology and worlds first revenue features. Others (even amazon) cannot copy. AI technology. Ask for any product with voice.

– Over 70,000 stores globally and growing every day.

– Potential to launch in every country. Launching in the biggest countries next 12 months.

– We have built a team of globally recognised experts with experience in some of the biggest global corporations.

– A new crypto coin being released for the shopping platform backed by a major UK based blockchain company.

– A new world class app ready by Christmas. This will put our shopping malls in the pockets of 100s of millions of shoppers across the world.

– UN climate affiliated with responsible, humanitarian model built in.

– Exit strategy of 3-4 years. Shareholders will have the opportunity to realise exceptional returns – forecast at up to 30x outlay – in just 3-4 years.

If you would like to receive information please leave your NAME, EMAIL AND PHONE CONTACT. (or call or text me). No Scammers please.